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Conduit Networks
Conduit Networks (ConNet) was founded in 2003, originally functioning as an IT consulting company.  While reaching out to local vendors for business opportunities, ConNet soon realized there was a crucial need for committed, ethical contractors in the telecom marketplace. Thus began our nine-year evolution into the full-service provider we are today. We provide business telephones, voice solutions, IT services, telco, structured cabling, web hosting, development, and video security.

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Use our navigation bar at the top of the screen or give us a call or send us an email.  It only takes a few minutes to provide you useful and informative advice on how to get your project started.

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Whether you are a loyal customer or a newcomer looking for more information, we will be glad to provide you with answers to any and all of your questions.

If you’re not sure what you need, please call us directly, at 951 693-3000 or Email us at:

It only takes a few moments for us to provide you useful and informative advice on how to get started.

Conduit Networks
How we facilitate your company
How we facilitate your company's needs:
Conduit Site Surveys:
A site survey initiates the process of planning and designing your network infrastructure needs. If you are thinking of switching carriers, moving, or expanding, give us a call. We'll provide any critical information and recommendations.
thumbsxzzz.png (29521 bytes) Network Assessment:
Every business should periodically review and evaluate its Information Technology department operations.  An assessment provides a baseline for trends, contingency decisions, future forecasting,  modifications or new technologies.
thumbsxz.png (38793 bytes) Phone Bill Analyses:
After receiving copies of your various phone bills, our knowledgeable and professional Telco staff will review them and identify savings for you. Get a Starbucks gift card* or a gas card just for sending us your phone bills for review.
Conduit Networks Maintenance:
The care and upkeep of your business’s telco infrastructure is critical to your ongoing success.  Our trained technicians will inspect your equipment and proactively identify any potential problems to ensure your on-going success.

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  We have partnered with Teldata Enterprise Networks in San Diego, California.

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